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VidSnatcher Review – Perfect Cloud-Based Video Software!

By Tom

March 25, 2020

How-to, show me, video courses and video marketing. All part of an extremely good market.

Todd Gross, an expert in this field, also knows this. In this VidSnatcher review, we discuss his revolutionary product that took over 2 years to complete.

Todd Gross has also started making how-to videos about software. He used Camtasia for this.

Todd knows that this market will explode in the coming years. Videos are the way to convey knowledge.

That is why he and his team have developed a new product: VidSnatcher. This is a cloud-based software program with which you can make videos.

The special thing about this software is the built-in text-to-speech and language translation.

This makes it possible to engage in video marketing in any country without speaking the language!

In this VidSnatcher review you will discover whether this software is really as good as it seems or if it is no different than all other software on the market!

tom miller
Tom Miller

Hello mate! As a visitor to LegendReview you can use my coupon code: VSNOW for a HUGE discount on your order! All you have to do is purchase through a link on this page and it is yours!

VidSnatcher Review (VIDEO)

VidSnetcher Creators (Todd Gross & Luann Beckmann)

If you have been active in the world of online marketing and video marketing in specific for some time, then you know the name Todd Gross.

This man has already launched several successful products in his career. In the image below you can see the sales figures of this.

In addition to being incredibly successful with video marketing, his products also work very well.

Probably through years of experience, since he has been doing this since 2005!

However, he did not do this project alone. He did this with Luann Beckman (video expert) and the company Bravinn Technologies.

This company took care of the technical part of the software. Partly because of this, it is possible to offer this software cloud-based.


View the sales figures for the previous products of Todd Gross below.

You can see that they have been incredibly successful products and still are today.

VidSnetcher is Todd's newest flagship. You will now discover what it all means and whether it is for you.


Todd Gross Interview

What Is VidSnetcher?

VidSnetcher is a cloud-based video editor software program.

This means you don't have to download it. So you can use this on any computer with an internet connection.

All you have to do is save and remember your login details!

That is also one of the great advantages of VidSnetcher. This is really revolutionary and you will NOT see ANY other video editor software program.

With this video editor you can get started all over the world. It contains a built-in text-to-speech engine!

This allows you to make videos in all languages without speaking the language yourself or having to hire someone for it!

This is ideal for me, because I am a Dutch guy. Doing everything in English is sometimes hard for me;)

You can also create your own courses in all different languages with this software.

You can even sell the videos made on the VidSnetcher marketplace yourself! So in addition to the money you earn yourself by making videos for your own use, you can also earn money by reselling the videos.

Win-win situation really!

In addition, it is also important that you can have old videos translated into another desired language. This way you can reach a completely new market with old videos!

It seems to keep getting better and better. You can say that I am super enthusiastic about VidSnetcher.

Integrating with other video platforms is also no problem. You do not need any experience or technical knowledge for this.

There are also ready-made templates available.


VidSnetcher Features

You now know what VidSnatcher is and who the makers of this product are.

But what are all the features exactly? Is this unique at all, apart from the text-to-speech function?

Let's find out!

Below is a list of explanations of all features that VidSnatcher has.

Then I will also explain how it all works based on screenshots.

  • Screen capture: record your screen and import directly into VidSnatcher. You can also import media from your computer directly!
  • Drag-and-drop timeline editor: drag and drop media easily and add unlimited layers to your video.
  • Easy green screen removal: remove any used greenscreen from any video with a few clicks!
  • Icon & shapes libraby: search and use pre-made icons and shapes to use in your videos.
  • Text editor: input any text font and size in any language into your video!
  • Text-to-speech engine: use a male or female voice to turn your text instantly into a voice.
  • Language translator: translate any text-to-speech language into a different language with accents.
  • Voice recorder: record and import your voice or any other sound and import it directly into VidSnatcher.
  • Add subtitles: add subtitles to any video by uploading SRT files.
  • Powerful editing: complete editing capabilities such as undo/redo/cut/copy/paste and much more.

How Do I Use VidSnetcher?

Below I have made a step-by-step guide in which I show you exactly how this software works.

Using VidSnatcher is definitely not difficult, but with this guide you will get it much faster.

Take advantage of this, or scroll through this section if you don't find it interesting!

Step 1 - Login

This is a logical first step, but I would like to take you from the beginning.

So we start logging in. You have received your login details by email after purchasing VidSnatcher.

It can take up to 30 minutes for your data to be received. So don't worry if you didn't receive them immediately.

If this takes longer then I advise you to contact customer service. I will come back to this in a moment.

Have you forgotten your password? No problem. Then click on forgot password.

Does this not work either? Then you can also click on contact support here!


Step 2 - Choose Your Canvas Size

If you have logged in, you will immediately arrive at step 2: choosing a canvas size.

You can choose 1: 1 which is common for social media or 16: 9 which is the most used and the right size for YouTube videos.

So I use the 16: 9 version a lot more, because I do a lot more with YouTube than with social media.

You can choose a canvas size every time. You don't have to choose forever, just relax!

Choose 1: 1 for social media or for a smartphone optimized video.


Step 3 - Choose Your Media Content

On the left you will find the area where you can choose which media you upload for your videos.

Upload media or choose one of the different icons shown in the image below.

Here you can for example add text, emojis, music and much more.


Step 4 - Edit Your Media

If you have uploaded all media then you can start editing these media.

Videos can be placed in different layers by dragging them to the correct layer. You can also put them on different time stamps.

In addition, you can even separate the audio from the video. This way you can really make it a unique video.


Step 5 -  Add text-to-speech!

At this step I would like to explain how simple the text-to-speech part works.

You go to the last icon on the left. You can see it in the image below.

Then you type the text that you want to be translated and then converted into voice.

Type it and then choose a language. Click on translate. You can then choose from several voices.

Choose a male voice or a female voice, then choose the voice that you like best.


You can even choose whether to let a real French person pronounce the words or someone from another country with an accent.

This software is truly revolutionary and certainly sounds 100x better than Google.

View the different options in the image below.


Step 6 -  Save Your Work

It is super important that you save your work in between.

Certainly, because it is cloud-based. Which means that the work that is done is lost if the internet goes down.

You can save the project by clicking on '' project in the top left corner ''. Then click on '' save project ''.

If you have done this, from this moment on you can also share your work with others. Handy if you work on a project together or if you want someone to assess it.


Step 7 - Practice

The 6th step is all about discovery. You can see how I do it, but in the end you really learn how it all works by getting started yourself.

First try to put together some of your own projects. Test with all the different features. Once you have mastered this, you can get started with videos that will actually make you money!


Step 8 -  Finishing Touches

When you are completely finished with the entire video, it is important that you '' export '' the video. Doing this will download the video if it were.

You can download the video with super high quality (4K).

Check everything again and choose the correct settings to export the video.

When all this is done click on '' export '' and you will see that the video will export.

If you click on '' my video '' you can see how long it will be before your video is ready. If you have clicked on export, it is therefore a matter of waiting.

You can safely click VidSnatcher away. The video will continue to export. When the video is finished you will receive an email!

Congratulations! Your first video has been made and is ready to send into the wide world. I tell you revolutionary!


VidSnetcher Bonusses!

You have now had a complete guide through VidSnatcher.

You now know who the makers are, what the product is exactly, what it contains and how to use it.

Now you probably thought that was all. End of VidSnatcher review! No definitely not!

You will receive a number of super valuable bonuses that will let your business grow faster and with which you can get off to a flying start.

Bonus 1 - Business Finder App

Finding and connecting with these companies is one of the most difficult steps when it comes to finding high paying customers.

With this bonus, you get a newly developed app by the Todd Gross team. With this app you can find companies with 1 click.

You will immediately see all the data of these companies. Number, email, websites etc.

You can also keep track of which companies you have already contacted and how many you have already sold.

You get full access to this app when purchasing VidSnatcher.

So you will not only be able to make beautiful videos with VidSnatcher, but they will also help you sell these videos!


Bonus 2 - 50 eBooks From Various Niches To Become An Expert In Your Niche

Using these e-books you can easily create courses for all kinds of niches.

You can then sell these courses for a high price. You also get all the rights over these e-books.

So you can also sell or offer them as a bonus for your customers!


Bonus 3 - Floating Video Player For Your Website (YouTube & Vimeo)

Have you ever been on a page where a video kept scrolling in a corner.

For example on YouTube or Facebook? With this tool you can also do that with the videos on your pages.

This way you keep the attention of the visitor and ensure that they will watch a larger part of the video!


Bonus 4 - Royalty Free Music Library

Music can make your videos up to 10x better.

This ensures that viewers continue to watch longer and thus receive more information. In addition, your videos seem much more professional with the right music.

With this bonus you get access to a HUGE music library.

Here you can choose everything unlimited!


VidSnetcher Experience

My experiences with VidSnatcher are revolutionary. And yes I know, I keep using that word.

That's because I think it really suits this perfectly. VidSnatcher has everything you need.

I also love to travel. It may be that your laptop breaks during a trip. You would have lost everything with normal software.

But because VidSnatcher is cloud-based, you can log in to any computer with an internet connection from anywhere in the world and get back to work on your project.

That is what makes it so revolutionary. In addition, the convenience and user-friendliness of the product is also really good.

The price is also bizarrely low, but I'll get back to that.

Learning to use is simple, making videos is simple and reselling makes it more than worth it.

So you first earn money by using the videos yourself. After that you can also choose to sell the videos to VidSnatcher itself or on the marketplace of the software.

So plenty of options! I am very happy with this and can definitely recommend this to you with 100%.

Especially if you use this page and enter the discount code '' VSNOW '' here!

Customer Support

I always find customer support a very important point. Especially when it comes to digital products.

So I always take a critical look at this. I don't like it from VidSnatcher.

That's a pity. I like to be able to call or chat. In any case, a direct form of contact.

Unfortunately this is not possible. You can take a look at the knowledge base or create a support ticket.

Now I have to say that I have never had to use customer service.

All in all: fine, but not great.


VidSnatcher Price

Now an interesting point. Perhaps one of the coolest things about VidSnatcher.

You expect a reasonably high price for a cloud-based software. At least a few hundred euros.

Especially because you can use this for life, but nothing is further from the truth.

You only pay $ 49.95 for this software!

Via this page you can enter the discount code: VSNOW and you will receive an extra $ 10 dollar discount!

You pay an incredibly low amount of $ 39.95 dollars!

Do I Get A Guarantee?

Of course! Every creator behind his product gives a decent guarantee.

Todd Gross and his team give you 30 days to fully try the product.

If it is nothing then you can simply refund your money!

So you do not run any risks and can try the product risk-free, ideal!


Pros & Cons

  • A product from one of the top vendors in this industry
  • All-in-one video editting software
  • Cloud-based software
  • Very good guarantee
  • Low Price
  • Accessible everywhere with a computer + internetconnection
  • Great bonusses
  • Screen capture
  • Drag-and-drop video edittor
  • Mediocre customer service

Do I Recommend VidSnatcher?

It is a cloud based software which makes it perfect for people who don't like junk on their computer.

In addition, you are very mobile because of this. The product has a low price and great bonuses.

I recommend this product 100% to people who are looking for a new video editor.

Not only can you make beautiful videos with this, but you can also sell them to earn your money back.

Top choice!

VidSnatcher Review: Verdict

Of course we also end this VidSnatcher review with an appropriate opinion.

I think it is truly a revolutionary product. You can see that 2 years have been spent here with man and power. I must add that it is and remains cloud-based.

Because of this, the editor can be a bit slower due to bad internet.

To check whether this is for you, you have a warranty period of no less than 30 days.

So you can try risk-free if it suits you.

All in all, really a very strong product that I can absolutely recommend!

Special Price + Bonus Offer!

tom miller
Tom Miller

Hello mate! As a visitor to LegendReview you can use my coupon code: VSNOW for a HUGE discount on your order! All you have to do is purchase through a link on this page and it is yours!

Not What You Were Looking For?

Isn't this product what you were looking for? Then check out the review below!


$49.95 Discount price: $39.95










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