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Review: Audience Toolkit By Simple Social Tools

By Tom

May 27, 2020

If you are an online entrepreneur like I am, you already know that your first preoccupation must be to build an audience.

No matter if you manage a blog, run an e-commerce business, own a website, be an influencer on social media, you won’t obtain any success - and therefore any income - if you don’t have a wide audience if you don’t have a constant stream of visitors on your platform.

And let’s be clear on something else. If building an audience is our first preoccupation as online entrepreneurs, our second one is to make it gain their trust and make it grow.

And this aspect, which is the most important, is also the most difficult. In a world where anyone can start their own online business with a few clicks and little investment, the competition is extremely challenging and it’s not always easy to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. Sad, isn’t it?

Well, not necessarily.

Not if we have and utilize the right tools at our disposal. Audience Toolkit by Simple Social Tools is one of them and - the reason why I decided to write this review - one of the best. 

As an online entrepreneur myself, I’ve been using it for weeks now and I thought of sharing my experience: I think that the issues I face are very common among online entrepreneurs, and I am also pretty sure Audience Toolkit can help a lot of other users just like it helped me!

Who’s behind Audience Toolkit?

Even before subscribing to Audience Toolkit, I got informed about its creators. Before spending my money on something, I always want to know if the people who are providing the tool for me are worth my money, time, and efforts.

The creator of Audience Toolkit is Michael Reyes working with his business partner Jacque T. Morris. They are online marketers working together for years.

Over the past few years, they have been actually creating, promoting, and selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in products, software, and service online. Their experience is deep and various, they’ve created sales funnels, membership sites, coaching programs, and more.

They are well aware that the number 1 factor that made all their profits possible is “having an audience that finds value in what you have to offer”. If you don’t have an audience, you don’t have a business.

They are also well aware of the traditional methods used to build an audience and, through all their experiences, all their trying and testing and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, they have come to the conclusion that the most effective way of building an audience for your business is working on social media.

It’s 100% free, it creates a highly engaged audience, it has been proven to work, and it works for potentially any type of business, online or traditional. But the problem with building an audience on social media is that it requires time, weeks, and even months.

This is exactly why Michael Reyes and Jacque T. Morris thought of providing a tool that users could use to automate the process and do all those repetitive and time-consuming work on social media on your behalf!

You will read everything about this in this audience toolkit review.

michael-reyes-jacque-t-morris (1)

Main Features

Fully Automated

Automation is the most important thing that Audience Toolkit can offer to your work. And the processes that it can make automate are several:

Automate Messages

This feature allows you to send automated messages. What’s really interesting is that the automation works on different levels: not just it sends automatic messages that you have scheduled, but it also creates personalized messages and broadcasts them to selected friends on Facebook. 

This way the messages are optimized for a targeted audience, which is the most effective strategy for this type of marketing. You can also message new friends. You can learn how to use this feature through an included video guide that is available in the members’ area.


Automate content and content likes

I have already mentioned that Audience Toolkit can create personalized messages automatically. As liking content is a great way to increase your interaction on social media, Audience Toolkit also includes a feature that allows you to automate up to 50 likes every 2-3 intervals. 

This is all work that if done manually would require a lot of time. With this feature you can save time and also increase your social engagement.


Automate Page Invites

Sending invitations to your page is another way through which you can increase your social connections. Audience Toolkit enables you to automate this process.

It sends invites to people who have engaged with your page on Facebook making you saving time and increase your social engagement.


Automate Pending Request elimination

This isn’t a feature that helps you build an audience, but it’s extremely time-saving. Facebook allows its users to have a maximum of 1000 pending requests. When you reach this limit, you can’t add new friends unless you delete some of these pending requests.

It’s not a big deal, you can simply delete them one by one, but it’s boring and it requires a lot of time, especially when you need to do it repeatedly. This feature deletes for you all pending requests.

For this feature, there is another video guide that explains how to use it.

Easy Installation

Audience Toolkit comes with a video installation guide that helps you through the process.

The tool is basically a chrome extension and the installation process isn’t complicated at all. It should be done on the Google Chrome browser (it doesn’t work on other browsers) and using the authorization key provided when you purchase the tool.

The installation is extremely easy, and a video guide wouldn’t even be necessary. Probably, the creators wanted to make sure that everyone could actually be able to install the Chrome Extension with no issues.

What’s really helpful in the video installation guide is the tips it provides about how to keep your account safe.

Multiple Profiles

I hadn’t check this feature before I purchased Audience Toolkit and that wasn’t the smartest move. If Audience Toolkit hadn't have this feature it would be useless, at least for me. 

Apparently I am a lucky guy, because I found out only after my purchase that I can use the Audience Toolkit with more than one profile. As an online entrepreneur I run more than one profile, and I don’t think that among my colleagues around the world there are many that use only one profile. 

I don’t think they could be called online entrepreneurs. So, I think the possibility of using this tool with multiple profiles is essential to any user just like it has been fundamental for my work.

How Does It Work?

The first thing you need to know is that Audience Toolkit is a Chrome Extension. It only works with the Google Chrome browser, but it has the advantage of working on multiple operating systems.

I was already using Chrome as my default browser, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I understand that people that are mainly using other browsers such as Safari or Firefox may be upset about that, but Google Chrome is a top-grade browser, and switching to it will not be that traumatic.

Once you purchase Audience Toolkit you receive an authorization key. It’s a sort of password that you can use t access the members’ area and install the extension. The Chrome Extension is the tool.


Through the members’ area you also have access to all the video guides. The first one you may need is the one regarding the installation process. Then, for each feature you’ll find a dedicated guide video that explains how to use it.

Audience Toolkit extension is actually simple to use, but I appreciated the video guides anyway because they gave me tips on how to use the tool at its best, other than making me understand at once how to use it.

Each feature work in its specific way, but what they all have in common is that they basically mimic human behavior.

The tool actually does the job on your behalf. You can actually see it doing so. You can see the Facebook page you are working on changing as if you were clicking on buttons and icons and performing actions when, instead, the tool is doing everything automatically!

What Can You Do With Audience Toolkit?

A more appropriate question would be “what can you make it do on your behalf”? Because Audience Toolkit can substitute you, and do what you should be doing, but faster and in an automated way.

It can’t, of course, substitute you for any activity you do as an online entrepreneur but the things it can do letting you worry about other aspects of your business are:

  • Deleting Pending Request
  • Adding friends to your Facebook Page
  • Sending scheduled messages
  • Sending Page Invitations
  • Liking pages on Facebook
  • Creating personalised messages for a targeted audience

All this activity is done on Facebook. Audience Toolkit doesn’t work on other social platforms, and I really wish it did. Because it’s extremely useful and is making my work so much easier!

simple-social-tools (1)
The results I’ve noticed in my activity are an increase in traffic to my Facebook Pages and my websites, a wider audience, and a more targeted - therefore engaged - audience.

Audience Toolkit








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