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Installing Thrive Themes on WordPress was quite a job for me the first time. However, once you've done it, it's a piece of cake.

In this article, I will therefore teach you step-by-step how to install Thrive Themes on your WordPress website.

Keep in mind that Thrive Themes is a paid theme and you cannot get it for free.

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Step #1: Buy Thrive Themes

First of all you must of course make sure that you have Thive Themes if you want to download and install it on your WordPress website.

I already mentioned it in the introduction, but please purchase Thrive Themes before proceeding to the next step.

Step #2: Login On Thrive Themes

Now log in to Thrive Themes on the website as you can see in the image below.

Here you actually get a kind of manual for downloading and installing Thrive Themes.

Previously, you had to download and upload all the files you wanted to use in WordPress.

Nowadays you download the entire file at once and also upload it once on your website.

Then you can determine in your WordPress back-end which plugins you install on your website and which not.


Step 3: Download Thrive Product Manager

The next step, as you've probably seen in your account, is to download the Thrive product manager plugin.

To do this, go to the 'membership dashboard' and click on 'Thrive Product Manager Plugin'.


Step #4: Install & Activate The Plugin

You have now downloaded the plugin on your computer. What you need to do now is install and activate the plugin.

This again sounds much more difficult than it actually is. In your WordPress backend go to 'plugins' and then to 'add new'.


Here you will not search for a new pluging, but click on 'upload'. And then on 'choose file'.


Here you naturally choose the file of the Thrive Product Manager pluging.

Once the plugin has been successfully uploaded, click on 'activate plugin' and the plugin is activated and ready for use.


But you are not there yet, because then you have to install everything separately on your website.

Step #5: Login To Your Account

To really start using Thrive Themes you need to log in to your account.

What you can do best is open a new tab and log in to Thrive Themes here.

Then go back to WordPress and click on 'Product Manager'. You will then be asked to log in.

Thrive does this automatically, because you are already logged in with your account on the other tab.

If you do not do this, you can enter your login details here to make it work.


Step #6: Manage & Install Products

Now you can choose which products to download. If you have not purchased all products, then logically you cannot use everything.

In this screen you choose which products you want to use and then click on 'install selected products'.


Now you will see a screen where you can keep track of all downloads and thus see what is already ready, what is going on and what is to come.

This usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

Once the products are installed you can manage and use them by going to 'Thrive Dashboard'.

Here you can see all the downloaded plugins and you can start using them. If you scroll further down you will see that you can also adjust your general settings, add API connections, view your analytics and much more.

I would say take some time to sort out all plugins and see how everything works!

Step #7: Support Login

It may be that you still cannot get it out completely. That does not matter, because Thrive also has a solution for this.

So they have really great support ready to help you.

You can give Thrive Themes employees temporary access to your website to help solve problems or help you elsewhere.

They have already helped me twice very well. Each time the problems are solved within 2 days.

If you want to enable this help, you can do that on the website in your account or even easier: in your WordPress dashboard.

Go to 'Thrive Dashboard' and click here on 'support login'. The rest is self-explanatory here!


How To Install Thrive Themes On WordPress: Conclusion

As you have seen, it is not that difficult to download Thrive Themes on WordPress.

A few years ago it was a lot more difficult than it is today.

This also immediately shows that Thrive Themes is always improving the service and the product.

I hope it's clear enough for you and that you can get started with Thrive Themes.

Still not sure how to install Thrive Themes on WordPress? Please leave a comment below this message.

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