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IM Checklist Gold Membership Review – Kevin Fahey

By Tom

April 29, 2020

How useful is it if you have a checklist for every aspect of your business?

That you do everything perfectly by simply going through a list of proven points and strategies?

Kevin Fahey created these lists. By combining years of experience with failure and successes, he has made the perfect checklists.

It does not matter what kind of business you have or in which niche you are.

In this IM Checklist review, we discuss what these lists are, how you get them and whether it is worth your money.

Most people manage to let their business go through the roof, but can you do this too?

tom miller
Tom Miller

Hello mate! You can access all these checklists for just $ 3 for 5 days. Take a look at this product for half the price of a starbucks coffee and see if it is valuable enough for your business!

IM Checklist Gold Membership Review

I start this IM checklist gold membership review by giving an overview and telling you what to expect.

I always write completely honest reviews based on my opinion and experience. So it may be that someone else's opinion is different.

Therefore it is also an opinion! I also quote all the features and show you what you can do with this product.

Well, now let's start with the IM checklist gold membership review!

Who Is Kevin Fahey?

Kevin Fahey is a true internet marketing expert. Since 2005 he has been building his own online businesses.

Because of this he has built up a lot of experience and he knows the exact paths you can walk and the pitfalls you can encounter.

Kevin Fahey currently has 2 active websites from which he provides advice. KevinFahey.net & OnlineIMSupport.com.

He is also a well-known seller on the JVZoo platform. His products are often sold so much that you yield 6 or 7 figures!

This says enough about his knowledge in the field of internet marketing!


What Is IM Checklist?

Let me emphasize again that you can get everything you read here for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

That is actually bizarre when you see what you are going to get, but let's start with what it actually is.

IM checklist are checklists in the field of internet marketing (IM). It is actually a training program for starting entrepreneurs.

Many other gurus are pissed off at Kevin for giving these "secrets" away for almost free. These people often ask for at least 1k.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you start. IM checklist really has everything to make your business a success.

I have just finished the training and can tell you that it is really life changing. It is a very suitable training for beginners, but also for marketers who are struggling.

From newbie to true professional. Everyone can benefit from this training from Kevin Fahey. All the information and content you get access to will really blow you away!

For example, in the training you can learn to start your own business and see massive results within 30 days!

What's even better is that you get Private Label Rights on every checklist. You can read what you can do with this later in this IM checklist gold membership review!


This Is What You Get

Below is an overview of which checklists you will receive and what you will learn in them.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other things you get. No worries, they are all covered!

IM Checklist Volume 25: Membership Stes

In this training you will learn what it takes to build a 6-figure membership site.

This by working only a few hours a week. A dream of many that can now become reality for you. You will get 18 checklists here.

From finding the right niche to outsourcing and automating these websites to build multiple business points that will earn you money on autopilot.

IM Checklist Volume 25 Membership Stes

IM Checklist Volume 26: Lead Sources

In checklist volume 26 you learn how and especially where you can get valuable leads.

Leads are the veins of your company. By having a good flow of leads you also ensure a good cash flow.

These leads can be collected in many ways. Ads, quizzes, blogs, social media etc.

In this training you will learn everything about scoring leads! Extremely valuable in my view.

IM Checklist Volume 26 Lead Sources

IM Checklist Volume 27: Daily Tasks Planing & Staying Organised

Planning and staying organized is a very difficult task for many, many people.

With this training everything will be explained and you will learn exactly how you can organize your days as efficiently as possible and how to stick to them.

In addition, tips are often given about apps or software that can help enormously. The methods used here are also based on science.

Super educational and a good checklist for anyone who has difficulties planning or staying organized.

IM Checklist Volume 27 Daily Tasks Planing & Staying Organised

IM Checklist Volume 28: Funnels

Besides leads, funnels are the most important part of an online business.

You send the leads you receive through a funnel. Various products are offered in this funnel.

If you set up a good funnel you can get much more money from the same customer than a one-time purchase.

In the training you will learn exactly how to set up a good funnel and how to get it high converting.

In addition, the software is explained that you can use to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible!

IM Checklist Volume 28 Funnels

IM Checklist Volume 29: eCommerce

This checklist is brand new and available to gold members on April 30.

In this training you really learn everything in the field of e-commerce. Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, finding products, suppliers, etc.

You will also learn side issues such as writing emails, advertisements, ways to boost your sales, etc.


If you would like to do something with e-commerce, this is definitely the number 1 training to follow.

IM Checklist Volume 29 eCommerce

IM Checklist Volume 30: Instagram Marketing

And last, but certainly not least, is volume 30: Instagram marketing.

You already guess what you will learn in this training. Collect leads via Instagram. This by applying SEO, advertisements with different programs, sponsorships, etc.

I say every time that really everything has been discussed on the subject. This is also the case this time.

I love that about Kevin Fahey. He is an incredibly sincere man with the best intentions.

He gives so much value for a very low price. It makes sense that many "gurus" are angry with him! They lose a lot of money because of this.

Kevin's products are not often bought for nothing 😉

IM Checklist Volume 30 Instagram Marketing

Different Formats

All checklists you get come in 5 different formats and for good reason.

The first format you get is re-brandable. Here you can set up your own logo and brand and use it for your own content.

As a second format you get printable PDFs. This way you can make physical variants of the checklists, this is always very easy.

As a third format you get interactive mind maps. Each checklist has an interactive mind map to help you design, track and analyze your funnel creation. All this with a birds-eye view.

As the fourth format you get Google / Excel spreadsheets. So you can download it online and put it in the cloud.

And as the latest version we have the interactive checklists. In the member's section you will find interactive checklists that help you to make no mistakes along the way.

For example, you will soon have an ATM machine that continues to print money. Check the boxes and continue with the next one!

So you see that it is really step-by-step and that it is possible for everyone to set up a super profitable business.

The Gold Training Vault

In addition to all the checklist that is actually the main product, you also get access to the '' gold training vault ''.

Here you will find over 37 hours of training including Kevin Fahey's best selling products!

Below is an overview of everything you get:


Bonus Products (Launch Special)

In addition to the checklists and the gold training vault you also get 3 extra bonuses.

You get this temporarily, because the product is still in the launch. So make use of them today if you want them, because they can be gone tomorrow!

Bonus 1 - 20K Extra

Extra 20K is a course in which you learn the fastest way to add another 20K to your monthly income.

You will learn strategies that you have never shown before that you have to apply. Here you get Kevin Fahey she personal strategy and elaborations. You will also receive templates that he himself uses to upscale his businesses to 6-figures and more!

Bonus 2 - Commission Five

Commission Five focuses on affiliate marketing. Kevin explains his full strategies here that he uses to create widly profitable affiliate promotions.

With these strategies he teaches you how to crush your competitors and make 5 figures with affiliate marketing.

Bonus 3 - IM Newbie

IM Newbie is a blueprint for beginners who want to set up their own business.

It is a step-by-step guide in which you learn how to do everything right the first time, so that you don't have to do anything again.

I have also experienced this myself and believe me, this is not nice. So this training will save you months of time and save a lot of money!

All in all so good and certainly useful bonuses. Good job!

Is IM Checklist Gold Membership Worth

Your Money?

Kevin Fahey is a proven expert in internet marketing. He has already earned many millions with this and offers you the same opportunity with these training courses and checklists.

You will get HIS strategies, templates, step-by-step guides, etc.

You can simply copy everything that he himself uses to become so successful. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel if it works well?

You can gain Kevin's 10 years of experience by following these training courses.

So you save 10 years with this and ensure a kickstart for your business.

Is this value for money? You will have to decide for yourself ...

Do I find it good value for money? Yes absolutely. I really recommend it with the full 100%!

Is This Something For Me?

Is this for me? A question that is asked very often.

And I can't answer this. You have to decide whether it is for you.

Are you a beginner? New to the world of internet marketing? Then IM checklist is really a MUST.

Are you advanced or even a real expert? Then you should see if the information you are going to get is useful.

In this IM Checklist gold membership review you have already read what you can expect from the material you will learn.

It is up to you whether this is for you!

Make Money With IM Checklist!

Make money with IM Checklist? Yep!

You get full Private Label Rights over all checklists you receive!

This means that you can do the following with this, which you can also earn money with:

  • Edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish
  • Claim full authorship
  • Create a video training course with one or more checklists
  • Offer them as a bonus product to a paid product
  • Add them to a membership site
  • Use them to build your email list
  • Create log posts or infographics from the checklists
  • Basically anything!

But there are also a few points you should not do! These are:

  • Sell Private Label Rights
  • Sell master seller rights
  • Can be resold as checklist on JVZoo or Warrior Plus

Customer Support

The support goes via onlineIMsupport.com. Here you can create a support ticket due to being answered often within 12 hours.

Furthermore, there is no possibility to get other support. You can take a look at the knowledge base, but it currently only contains 1 article.

This is brand new, so will be completed in the coming months.

Furthermore, my experience with the support is good. I received an answer to my support ticket after 8 hours while I live on the other side of the world!

Here you have to take into account the time difference. Question answered quickly and solved well.


Furthermore, as a gold member you can attend the live webinars every month.

Here you can also ask all your questions that will be answered live by Kevin.

In short: plenty of options and good customer service!

IM Checklist Pricing

The price of IM Checklist gold membership is a monthly fee of $ 17.95.

This is a low price for everything you can access. You will receive new checklists and updates every month. So you get it for FREE.

But to get in you can temporarily start 5 days for $ 3 dollars. So you can see if it is for you and if you really have $ 17.95 for this.

Ideal and very good that gives Kevin the opportunity to test the product. You also get a warranty on the product!

Do I Get A Guarantee?

Yes! You also get a warranty on the IM Checklists.

Kevin Fahey gives you 14 days to decide if it's right for you or not. During this time, you can simply get your money back that you have already paid.

Furthermore, the subscription can of course be canceled monthly!

OTO 1: 460 Marketing Checklists With PLR ($197)

This is a lifetime special offer if you buy the IM checklists. You will get access to 24 other checklists with a total of 460 (!) Checklists.

These checklists are all made to make your marketing easier and more profitable. Normally, these checklists cost $ 37 USD separately and are sold well daily.

You get all of these checklists now for the lowest price ever at $ 197 instead of $ 888!

You get that with this IM checklist gold membership review!

Check this page for more information.

OTO 2: IM Vip Training Full Access 

2020/2021 ($147)

The IM VIP training is an exclusive training course why you learn everything from the beginning.

Email marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, outsourcing, video marketing, traffic generation, advertising and much more!

This training costs you one time $ 147 dollars in contrast to the past where people had to pay this amount monthly.

Check this page for more information.

IM Checklist Gold Membership Pros & Cons

  • All ''insider strategies''
  • 24/7 an expert available who is ready for you
  •  Mind blowing information
  • High quality checklists that will change your life
  • Suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts
  • All-time low price
  • Very good guarantee
  • Lots of usefull bonusses
  • Complete education
  • Built a wildy profitable business within 30 days
  • Perseverance needed
  • It is overwhelming for some people because there is so much information at once.

IM Checklist Gold Membership Review: Verdict

I hope you found everything you were looking for in this IM Checklist Gold Membership review.

If I have forgotten anything, if you have any questions or simply add something, let us know below this article!

This way we can all make the best possible review for the people who are looking for this.

To be honest, I've never seen a product like this with such an incredibly low price.

You can simply learn so much from this and do so much with it that you really have enough for the rest of this career.

Every time you learn new things and you also continue to receive new updates and content every month. So you will be and stay at the top with the training of Kevin fahey and thus also make a 7-figure business.

I advise you to follow the training. Skip that overpriced coffee and try Kevin's checklists for just $ 3.

This directly changes your life. So you discover how much impact a simple $ 3 dollar can have!

More Kevin Fahey?

Interested in more products from Kevin Fahey? Ready the review(s) below!

IM Checklist Gold Membership











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