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GetResponse Review 2020: Best Budget E-Mail Marketing Software?

By Tom

January 25, 2020

In this GetResponse review I take a look at perhaps the number 1 email marketing software of 2020.

I’m going to look at the pros and cons of the software.

In addition, I give you answers to all questions and I help you on your way by giving a tutorial for each part.

Everything is covered in this GetResponse review.

If you still have questions or comments, you can always leave them under this article.

GetResponse Review (VIDEO)

Yeah I Know, my English is not that good. Please see through that!

What Is GetResponse?

GetResponse is email marketing software with which you have many possibilities.

With this you can:

  • Set autoresponders
  • Build mailing lists
  • Create and send newsletters
  • And analyze everything in the statistics

In addition to all these ‘standard’ email marketing options, you have much more at your disposal.

Options that prevent you from having to purchase other software such as LeadPages.

You can now also:

  • create landing pages
  • hosting webinars
  • create automated sales funnels
  • Use Facebook ads

GetResponse has been active since 1998.

They claim that now more than 360,000 people use the platform for their email marketing campaigns.

That is a large number.

Time to see why all these people make use of this.

All The Features

If you place GetResponse next to other email marketing software such as AWeber, you will see that this is the most extensive software you can have.

The only question is whether it does not divide its focus between each part.

This would mean that they are no longer specialized in something.

But it can of course also be that they are very good at everything.

Let’s take a look at all GetResponse features.

If you’d like to test al it’s features you can sign up for a free trial right here.

Or read my full GetResponse review ofcourse.

Or do both 😉


Autoresponders are emails that are sent automatically from the moment a subscriber appears on your mailing list.

This happens at intervals that you can set yourself.

The autoresponder of GetResponse is one of their USPs. (unique selling points).

With this you can not only send emails on time but also based on the behavior of the subscriber.

For example, think of:

  • Subscriptions to other lists
  • Completed goals
  • Opens
  • Clicks

And much more!

How To Create An Autoresponder?

Creating an autoresponder is very easy.

On the homepage of your dashboard you go to ‘create autoresponder’.

getresponse autoresponder2

Here you enter the data and choose the mail that you want to use for the autoresponder or you write a new mail.

Once this is done you save and publish it.

Now you created your first autoresponder.

It really is as easy as that.

All because of the easy interface from GetResponse.

Marketing Automation

You see marketing automation almost nowhere in the way GetResponse made it.

You can put autoresponders in a kind of drag-and-drop system.

In this system you can determine what the customers get for mail based on the actions they perform.

For example: your first autoresponder e-mail is a mail with the free e-book that the visitor receives for registering your mailing list.

The visitor does not click on the link to open your e-book.

If she doesn’t click, she will receive a mail with a reminder one day later.

Does she open the mail?

Then you can have an automatic e-mail sent asking if you like the e-book.

From there you can continue working.

This works extremely well and super easy.

If you want a visual image then I suggest you watch the video below.

How To Create An Automated List?

To make your first workflow, go to the menu and click on ‘automation’.

You can find the menu in the upper left.

Once you have done this, you can first watch an instructional video or immediately start creating your first workflow.

If you want to get started right away, immediately click on ‘start your first workflow’.

getresponse automation2

Now choose the template that you like.

If you do not like any of them or want to build it yourself that is fine too.

Just choose whatever fits your business.

When your workflow is done it will look something like this:

getresponse automation workflow

Great Responsive E-mail Designs

GetResponse has very nice email designs that you can use for your mailings.

The great thing about GetResponse is that every template also adapts to mobile use.

GetResponse was the first to come up with this.

Other email marketing platforms have now also added this.

For example, I recently wrote an AWeber review where they already had this too.

Still, I think using the GetResponse email designs is a little better.

However, make sure you use the newer templates.

The old sometimes want to be annoying at some email providers such as GMAIL.

As you can see, the templates are even optimized if you tilt the phone.

So you can also see how this works.

So everything has been thought of.

This is something I like about getresponse.


The analytical part of GetResponse is very extensive.

To be honest I sometimes lost the overview because of this.

However, this turned out to be a lack of habituation.

Use it for a longer time and this is no longer a problem.

In addition to the basic report that contains:

  • Open rate
  • Click trough rate
  • Unsubscribers

You also have more statistics such as:

  • Newsletter comparison
  • One-click segmentation
  • Email ROI
  • Per-user information
  • Metrics over time

Why is this so useful?

With the newsletter comparator you can very quickly see which newsletter works better.

You also have the one-click segmentation.

This allows you to see who has not opened your newsletter and send them a reminder.

The email ROI shows you what you get for the effort you make.

Per-user information shows you how the user has subscribed to you and where he or she comes from.

And last but not least, the metrics over time is super handy to see when your subscribers are most active.

That way you can send your mailing at those times.

Newsletters And It's Templates

There are so many templates at GetResponse that you can use.

The old templates are not that great.

Fortunately, GetResponse recently rolled out a new version of the program.

This version also contains many new templates.

Templates that are all much better than the old ones.

GetResponse has really taken a good step with this.

This also ensures that they are at the top again.

Unfortunately, they are not as many templates as all the old ones.

But I expect that they will continue to supplement this continuously.

With these templates you can already create beautiful emails.

So this is not so bad.

You can still experience some problems with the new system.

This is because it is really brand new and GetResponse is now testing it for the first time.

I have been told that it will run smoothly in a few weeks.

GetResponse Split Testing (A/B Testing)

Another important point that I always look for with email software is the ability to split test.

Split testing is simply the preparation of multiple campaigns.

Then the system will offer these campaigns differently to your visitors.

The campaign that works best is being used more and more.

In addition, you can also see which campaigns work well and therefore build your next one.

This way you perfect the whole process. This is good for conversion optimization.

The only thing that I find very unfortunate is that you can only split test unlimited with the PRO plan.

Now I have to say that the PRO plan is ultimately the most chosen one.

You just need this.

I will tell you more about this later.

And that it is a bit hard to find.

Landing Page Tool

Now we have arrived at one of my favorite tools from GetResponse.

Namely the landing page builder.

Where you normally need separate software such as LeadPages, GetResponse offers this itself in every plan.

Not only are they beautiful landing pages, but they are also optimized for smartphones.

We don’t even see this on every landing page software.

In addition, you can also test multiple landing pages against each other.

The system then automatically uses the better working landing page.

The great thing is that they offer this in every subscription.

So where you normally had to buy other software of at least $ 40 a month, you now have everything in one.

So you also save a lot of money with this.

In addition, there are other ways to get a discount, but I will tell you more about it under the heading ‘pricing’.

Sometimes it can work a little less smoothly.

But hey, it’s an extra tool!

Check how it works and how easy it is in this video:


The GetResponse Plus plan and higher offer something very special.

GetResponse Autofunnel.

With this feature you can create your e-mail marketing business into an e-commerce business.

You can create a sales tunnel completely on your own with GetResponse.

You can create the following things with this tool:

  • Create landing pages
  • Take payment
  • Create a product catalogue
  • Add subscribers to autoresponder
  • Send abandoned cart emails
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Drive people to sales pages

So you can all achieve this without the use of other tools.

GetResponse is all you need.

Certainly if you are a starting entrepreneur or a small company, GetResponse is really a very good choice.

Certainly for your budget.

You really have everything in one software.

Of course you can also use other software, but this is not essential.

How To Create An Autofunnel In GetResponse?

To make a Autofunnel go to ‘Autofunnel’ in the menu.

Then click on ‘create your first funnel’.

You enter the name of your funnel here.

This is for you and your subscribers will not see it.

Then choose what you want to achieve with the autofunnel.

Do you want:

  • Build a list
  • Sell a product
  • Promote a webinar

Then you can get started with building your funnel.

First you create a registration form and then you write the autoresponders.

Once you have done this, wait and check your statistics.

Webinar Tool

The ability to host a webinar from the same platform as your mailing list is very interesting.

Certainly if it also comes with the software.

With GetResponse, that is the case again.

This is also in the same software.

Not with the cheapest plan, but you can buy this extra for $ 40 if you really want that.

If you have any doubts about this, I advise you to buy a more expensive plan anyway.

Then you’re a bit cheaper again anyway.

Below an overview:

  • GetResponse Plus: host up to 100 participants
  • Professional plan: host up to 300 participants
  • Enterprise plan: host up to 500 participants

Do you purchase the webinar tool separately with the cheapest plan?

Then you have:

  • $40 per month: up to 100 participants
  • $99 per month: up to 500 participants

They do not indicate what you should do if you want to have more than 500 people in your webinar.

That is strange, but of course this is a very nice extra.

This can save you a lot of hassle and save you a lot of money.

Participants do not have to download any software, you can record your webinar, share your screen and also save online for free.

How To Create A Webinar?

To make a webinarr go to the menu and click on ‘webinar’.

Then click on ‘create your first webinar’ on the page.

getresponse webinar

Give your webinar a title.

The viewers will of course see this.

Set the details correctly.

Then set the registration and subscription settings correctly and then click on ‘create’.

Your webinar is now set up and is also scheduled.

Send an invitation to your mailing list to get as many registrations as possible.

After this you are done and you have to wait.

Facebook Ads

Another useful tool is the use of Facebook ads.

This is also built into GetResponse.

There seems to be no end to all the features that they have built in.

You get value for money in any case!

This tool is still in the BETA version.

So there is a chance that it doesn’t always work very well.

To set up a Facebood campaign, go to ‘Facebook ads’ in the menu and then click on ‘create Facebook ad’.

Of course you have to pay for Facebook ads.

GetResponse does not do this for you;)

So you need a credit card or PayPal account.

Enter your details and get started.

Note that creating and managing Facebook campaigns is a profession in its own right.

So it is probably difficult if you have never done this before.

But yet again; nice feature to have!

User Friendliness

With a program like GetResponse you expect it to be an unclear interface.

You have lots of features and components that you can use and apply.

Yet they have managed to keep this super clear.

I have already shown you a number of times how you can make something.

With 3 clicks you are usually in edit mode.

Here you often have to deal with the super simple drag and drop system.

The interface works very smoothly, is very well-arranged and never fails.

All in all really a great working software.

The design and use of the software is very similar to that of AWeber, but in general I think GetResponse is great work.

In addition, GetResponse is simply better on most points.


If you are not satisfied with GetResponse software itself, you can also integrate a whole lot of software.

For example, you can integrate WooCommerce, Magento, but also Amazon & Facebook.

There are many possibilities to ensure that you are not short of anything.

Ideal, but not necessarily needed!

Below a selection of some integrations:

getresponse integration

GetResponse Pricing

The price is always one of the most interesting topics when it comes to email marketing software.

The fact is that you usually can’t get along with the cheapest plan.

Unfortunately, this is also the case with GetResponse.

You don’t have a webinar tool here, you only have 1 sales funnel and you don’t have a lot of automization options.

In addition, you just have to work very much within the lines and this is not so easy with little workspace.

This is also the reason that most people opt for a GetResponse PLUS or a PROFESSIONAL plan.

See the prices of the plans below:

You see that by default only 1,000 people can be on your mailing list.

Do you want to have more people on your list?

Then you automatically pay more money.

Usually this is not a problem, because more people on your list also means more money!

Earlier in this GetResponse review I mentioned discount.

You can get that by:

  • Paying monthly: 18% recurring discount
  • Paying annual: 30% discount

You usually use email marketing software for a long time.

So this seems like a great option.

My advice is always to try it first with a free account.

GetResponse Customer Support

Good customer service can always be the deciding factor for me.

I think it is important that there is always customer service ready to solve problems immediately.

Every second your business comes to a standstill or you experience problems, it costs you money.

You don’t want this and so you want good, competent customer service.

GetResponse’s customer service was first among the absolute best.

At least, I thought so.

You could call, use the chat and e-mail.

Unfortunately you cannot call anymore.

They got this from customer service.

If you find this annoying you might have to look at AWeber.

They still offer this service.

The live chat is open 24/7.

I have to say that I didn’t think he was great.

My question was answered a little late, but it was answered very well.

Perhaps it depends on the time zone, because I live in the Netherlands.

GetResponse is of course an American company.

Pros And Cons

  • Autofunnel builder: The autofunnel builder is really an extremely good feature for people who work within e-commerce or often hold webinars. Moreover, it works incredibly well.
  • Great list automation: The list automation from GetResponse is one of the smartest ones I've seen. It works super smoothly and helps to optimize the conversion.
  • 24/7 support: 24/7 support. Doesn't matter wich plan you buy.
  • Split Testing: Split test up to 5 different messages, more than any other software!
  • Free 30 day trial without credit card detail: Try GetResponse for free for 30 days. You do not need to fill in credit card details. Unlike other software!
  • Drag-and-drop systeem: Sometimes the drag-and-drop system is a bit slow and it fails. However, this does not happen often, but I thought I should say it. It can be improved.
  • No phone support: No phone support anymore

GetResponse Review Verdict

I sincerely think that this is the best email marketing software I have used in recent years.

That’s is why this was a positive GetResponse review.

I will certainly continue to use this software and expect further improvements in the future.

There are many options that even ensure that you no longer need any other software.

I gladly pay for this.

So you can definitely say that you get 100% value for money!

Ultimately you can only determine whether you find the right software by trying it yourself.

I would therefore advise you to try it for free for 30 days.

If you have questions about this GetResponse review, you can always ask them under this article.

Even if you have comments or remarks!









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