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Done For You Service System Review: Ariella Lorio & Wesley Virgin

By Tom

July 15, 2020

Affiliate marketing is known today as one of the most effective ways of earning a passive income from the internet. 

With affiliate marketing, instead of selling your products, you are promoting others’ ones and you get paid a commission for each sale done through your so-called affiliate links. 

With affiliate marketing you can build a digital business able to ensure quite a passive income, a way - that is - of making money even while you’re sleeping. 

The only problem with affiliate marketing, at least from my experience, is that is not as easy as it may seem. Before becoming able to earn a steady income from my digital activity as an affiliate marketing I had to work hard and learn a lot of stuff. 

The turning point for me has been a course where I found every information I needed, all gathered in one place. It helped me build my digital business and this is why I felt like sharing with you readers. 

The course is called Done For You Service, and this is why, in my opinion, any affiliate marketer should enroll in it and why I write this Done For You Service System review.

Done For Your Services System Review (VIDEO)

Done For Your Services System’s authors

Done For Your System Services has been created by Ariella Iorio and Wesley Virgin.

While Ariella Iorio is quite new in the business, Wesley Virgin is a well known successful entrepreneur.

His work has been quoted and discussed world-known business magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and BuzzFeed.

Other than being an entrepreneur himself, in the past years, he also worked a lot as a motivator sharing his experience with those who dream of following his steps.


What is the Done For Your Services System?

Done For Your Services System is a very specific course aimed at teaching a specific system on how to make money with affiliate programs. 

In particular, the authors share a system through which you can effectively promote ClickBank products using Facebook Ads. 

This is important to understand: this system is not an overall course on how to make money with affiliate marketing, or how to start your affiliate marketing digital business. 

This is a specific system, aimed at promoting specific products on a specific platform. You may think this is a bit reductive and that a more comprehensive course or program could be more effective. 

My experience taught me quite the opposite: promoting any affiliate product available is not productive; starting an affiliate marketing business without a precise strategy on how and where to promote the affiliate products would bring to inevitable failure. 

In my opinion, just like you need to restrict your audience to a niche and target your content at them, you need to narrow down the field around a specific strategy and improve and be strong with it.

Why is the Done For Your Services System effective?

As I’ve mentioned above, I think that the Done For Your Services System is so effective because it focuses on a specific strategy. However, this is not the only element that determined its success.

The fact that it is focused on the Facebook platform is not a random choice, of course. The Facebook platform counts 2.5 billion users worldwide and over 6 million businesses are using it to promote their activities and build and reach their audience.

Even though Facebook is an extremely easy platform to use, running a Facebook still means the need to have a good landing page, know how to monitor results, and the tricks to avoid being banned.

Also, advertising randomly won’t be an effective strategy at all: you need to know what you are doing, how to target your ads, and how to optimize your campaign to get results in a short period.

This is where Done For Your Services System comes to help.

Main Features

Other than the knowledge you need to build a successful Facebook Ads campaign for your affiliate marketing business, Done For Your Services System also provides you with some tools to actually build and run your campaign.

This is what is different about this program, and why I found it so helpful!

Landing Pages

While other training programs limit themselves to provide knowledge and teach you some copywriting skills that you need to figure out how to apply in a practical way, Done For Your Services System provides you with a format that is already proven to work.

You can avoid the process of trying, testing, check results, and then adjust your landing pages.

With this simple feature included in the program, you can skip the “learn from your mistakes process” and start building a successful campaign from your day.


Lookalike Audience

Targeting your campaigns to your niche audience in the number rule of all advertising and marketing campaigns. All the courses available on the web will tell you that.

But this program also gives you the so-called lists of Lookalike Audience. They are lists of potential buyers so that you can run your campaign and target it to a very specific audience skipping a long and time-wasting marketing researching.

As you may be guessing in the course of this article, Done For Your Services System can basically do half the work for you.

You Don’t Need An Email List

The program is strictly focused on making money by targeting the right audience on Facebook and through Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads campaigns don’t require generating leads; this means that you won’t have to create email lists, swipes, set up autoresponders, doing list-maintenance, etc… If you want to use this method too, you can certainly do it, but you won’t find any information about it in this course.

However, lead generation is a more complicated method. From my experience, I can tell you that the Done For Your Services System is the best method to start with, especially if you are a complete beginner.

Nothing will stop you from developing and implementing new ways of making money as an affiliate marketer in the future.

Only Specific Products To Specific Audience

This course will teach you how to promote specific products for specific audiences.

Once again, my experience with this method has taught me that not only this is the most effective way of running a marketing campaign, but it is also the best way of reducing the risks and maximize the number of sales.

Facebook Private Group

When you subscribe to the course, you get access to a private group. Other than other members, the authors of the course are also active in the group.

You can receive support, motivation, and inspiration from beginners like you (if you are one), more experienced affiliate marketers and the creator of the Done For Your Services System themselves.


Who is Done For Your Services System For?

For its features, I can say that Done For Your Success System is especially suitable for:

  • Beginner Affiliate Marketers: when you are given a specific method to promote your affiliate products, you can boost your chance of building a successful business;
  • Affiliate Marketers already active on Facebook: if you have already built an audience on Facebook, this program can help you understand how to promote specific products to them.
  • Affiliate Marketers willing to invest some money in their advertising campaign: this method requires spending some money before starting earning them.

Who isn’t Done For Your Services System For?

  • Beginners who want to start their digital business with zero investment;
  • Affiliate Marketers who want to promote and sell affiliate products through lead generation or method different from Facebook Ads
  • Digital Entrepreneurs whose business is not strictly focused on affiliate marketing.

Pros & Cons


It’s knowledge plus tools

Done For Your Services System is a comprehensive product. It’s a training program and a set of tools that are ready to use.

In particular, the landing page format is extremely helpful. You can build your landing pages following simple instructions while making sure they are proven effective. 

Once again, all learning from your mistakes process is skipped, and you can start seeing results sooner.

The Lookalike Audience Lists are also extremely beneficial. This is half the work already made, you need to take the wheel from here on...

Instant results

The main advantage of paid advertising is that you can obtain instant results because you can drive traffic quickly into your affiliate offer. 

It also allows you to reach your targeted audience quickly and easily skipping all the guesswork.

You don’t need to learn SEO

Learning SEO is important to have your web pages ranking properly on search engines. Yet, SEO optimization is part of that guesswork I’ve mentioned above. 

SEO optimization was what I was doing before I found the Done For Your Services System, and it was no even nearly as effective as the method taught in the course.

No technical skills or previous experience required

The course contains any information you need to apply the system. You need to rely on other resources only if you want to implement other methods to this one.

Facebook Group

The Facebook Group, which joins both the members and the authors of the program, is a precious resource. It keeps you motivated while offering great support for any type of issue or query.


It’s strictly focused on Facebook Ads

The program strictly teach how to promote specific products for specific audience through Facebook Ads. Even though this is a very effective method, it’s not the only one. 

It’s great as a strategy to start with, but when you feel ready to implement other strategies, you won’t find useful information in this course.

It’s aimed at people willing to learn and invest some money

This product is mainly a training program. Although it gives precious resources that can halve the time you’d spend building a successful advertising campaign, you need to be willing to learn. 

With this program you can learn how to run a successful campaign, tools are provided, but you are the one who has to run it.

You need to put some hard work into play. Also, the system that the program teaches you requires an investment.

This must be clear: running a marketing campaign through Facebook Ads is not free. It can boost your earning in a short period, but you’ll need to spend some money before starting earning them.


The Done For Your Services System doesn’t come for a cheap price. This is another reason why this is a method that’s more suitable for people who have an initial budget to be invested.

The subscription costs $850, but you have the time to understand if it’s worth it (see below).

Guarantee Scheme

Done For Your Services System comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you think that the product isn’t worth the expense, you can ask for a full refund.

If you do it within 60 days you’ll get all your money back, no explanation required.


Customer Support

When you subscribe to the Done For Your Services System you get access to a private group designed for its members. In this group, you can receive support from both other members and the authors of the program.

You can post your queries whenever you want, and you can ask for information, support, or simple suggestions.

The group is also helpful for receiving news and also to read about others’ experiences and share yours: this is an opportunity for all of us to grow as a digital entrepreneur and learn from ours and others’ experiences.

My Experience

I’ve already mentioned part of my experience in the course of the article. To me, this program has been extremely beneficial and maybe it’s worth telling you why.

When I began my affiliate marketing business I’ve done a bunch of mistakes. I thought of promoting products to an audience as wide as possible; also, I thought that publishing my contents on the web and wait for them to generate an income was all that it was required by me.

I had heard about “passive income through affiliate marketing” but apparently I had made a completely wrong idea.

I understood I needed help when I started realizing that despite my efforts, that were increasing over time, I couldn’t make a steady income from my digital business.

I found in Done For Your Services System the solution to my problem: it was a way of realizing all the mistakes I had done and fixing them.

I had a budget to be invested, this has certainly helped me. By a budget to be invested, I mean both the cost of the course and the budget for my first paid advertisement.

Following the Done For Your Services System, I was able to return the initial investment in a couple of months - and that was just the beginning!

Happy Oh Yeah GIF


In the course of this article, I might have mentioned that I felt like the Done For Your Success System had done half the work for me.

However, I’d like to make clear that a lot still requires a lot from you. If it’s true that affiliate marketing can allow you to earn a passive income - making money while you sleep or are on vacation, that is - it is also true that you need to build a successful business before you can start earning a steady passive income.

And building a successful affiliate marketing business requires some work.

This course can ease and shorten the process. The knowledge and tools that it provides are precious and extremely helpful. But all the rest is up to you.

If the course teaches you how to target specific products for specific audiences, once you’ve learned how to do it, no one can do it on your behalf. This is the part of the work that’s up to you, as well as monitoring your results, run several campaigns, etc…

Also, always keep in mind that this is a method that requires an initial investment. If you don’t have a small amount to invest in your business, you need to star elsewhere, with another type of marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if you have a budget to invest, this will be the most effective way of boosting your earning in a short period.


Done For Your Services System will allow you to skip the learning from your mistakes process that would be inevitable otherwise.

It has some restrictions, not for what concerns its quality, but it strictly focuses only on some aspects of the affiliate marketing: it’s focused on one strategy only, and the strategy is targeting specific ClickBank products for specific audiences through Facebook paid advertising.

If you had other strategies or paths in mind, this course is not for you. But if you are open-minded and able to invest an initial budget, this is the most effective strategy for making money quickly through affiliate marketing!

Done for you service system review









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