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ConvertKit Review: Great FREE Email Marketing Software?!

By Tom

April 24, 2020

It is no longer a secret that email marketing is one of the best ways to get more money from your visitors and customers.

Within the online marketing world we often speak of '' the money is in the list ''.

An email list is yours and no one else's. By building these you will earn more and more with 1 click of the button.

In this ConvertKit review we take a look at one of the top email marketing software programs at the moment.

Starting with a completely free plan. Top for beginners with little money or for people who just want to try something!

tom miller
Tom Miller

Hello mate! You can now temporarily create a free account for ConvertKit for <1000 subscribers! Here you can use almost all features and so you can start building your email list today. Create a free account and start finding new leads!

ConvertKit Review (VIDEO)

What Is Email Marketing?

Let's first have a clear idea of what email amrketing is.

Email marketing is nothing more than sending mailings to a file that you build yourself.

You can do this with email marketing software such as ConvertKit.

This is absolutely impossible to do manually. Moreover, the e-mails then almost certainly arrive in the spam box.

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is made by Nathan Barry. This tool is intended for bloggers and creators.

This email marketing platform is the new kid on the block and has already become extremely popular, partly due to the price and good quality service.

They say it is easier to use than MailChimp and has the same power as Infusionsoft. Thus their tagline.

I used ConvertKit for a while to see how this software really is. Is the system as easy to use as they say?

And how good is the freemium subscription up to 1,000 subscribers? You can read all this and more in my ConvertKit review!


First Impression

I'd like to start this ConvertKit review with my first impression. If you are going to create an account you can do this for free.

They ask you if you are moving from another tool or if you are new to email marketing.

For convenience, I choose beginners. They also indicate that it is a great tool for beginners.

They ask if you have a website. Here you choose yes and then you can use the CMS system you use.

Here I choose WordPress. Then enter your email address and password and start ConvertKit.

Now you enter the ConvertKit dashboard. My first impression is that it looks very clear.

Actually, as we are used to from the top email marketing software. You can choose from a menu that allows you to browse through the various features.

So first impression is fine, clear and professional!


ConvertKit Features

ConvertKit has to come with good features if it wants to rank among the top.

At least they have the same as all other software providers.

I secretly expected a bit more from ConvertKit, but unfortunately. You would say you are trying to create something unique that can beat the competition.

Now it actually comes across as "another email marketing tool".

That does not necessarily mean that the features and the tool are not good. Let's take a closer look at this!


In ConvertKit you can use email automations. Here you can create complete campaigns.

You make this once and then it will automatically start when someone subscribes to your mailing list.

You can even take into account that the visitors will receive different emails based on the clicks they do.

Nowadays this is a standard feature for every email marketing tool. ConvertKit uses a brand new visual workflow builder!

What is easy about ConvertKit is that everything is so easy to use that even a child still understands what she is doing.


You can arrange it so that an action takes place when a recipient performs a certain action himself.

You can see in the image above how easy you can set this up. This is very good.

A disadvantage of ConvertKit's automation tool is that it can get a bit cluttered and cluttered at times.

Every automation you create will be listed. If you make different automations in different funnels then this whole list is full. See the image below.


The arrival of the visual editor is really a godsend. This is much clearer and better organized.

Moreover, this is just as simple and much faster to use. Certainly a big plus for ConvertKit there.

Look at the images below and compare it with the image you just saw. Much easier and clearer, to say at least!

Especially if you have used ActiveCampaign or AWeber before. Then this is really a dream come true!


ConvertKit, however, remains aimed at the average blogger and not at advanced marketers.

It is mainly a software that you have to choose because of the easy use and the speed.

ConvertKit's automation tool is not for crafting complicated campaigns, but you can do it more than average.

Definitely a good tool. Especially for the beginner and the average blogger!

Email Designer

To create an email, go to the heading "broadcast" as you see in the picture.

Here you click on '' new broadcast '' to create a new mailing.

Then you can choose whether the mail goes to your full list, or whether you want to exclude or filter groups or people.

Also include a broadcast subscription, so you know which mail it concerns. Your subscribers don't see this.

Then you can start typing your email.


Most email marketing software includes a library with many templates to choose from.

I immediately noticed that this is not the case with ConvertKit. I understand that this software is mainly made for bloggers, but this is very lazy.

If you have a free account you can't choose from a template, but if you have a paid account it doesn't even matter that much.

See the image below. From my own experience I prefer to use normal emails without templates.

These seem more personal and work well for me, but if you want to use a template, you have very little choice and it does not change much.

You get 5 boring templates.


Fortunately, you can add your own HTML templates. So this is not a problem for the technical people among us.

I must confess that I am not at home here ... So I have to hire someone for this if I want to use beautiful templates.

What I like about ConvertKit is that they have kept it very basic and clear. Really for the beginner and the complete layman.

Sign Up Forms

Now we are going to look at creating a landing page and opt-in forms.

Go to the heading '' landing pages & forms ''. Click on '' create new '' and then on '' form ''.


Then you can choose how you want to display the form. I think this is a good feature of this part of ConvertKit.

Some options may work better for your visitors. I always find a pop-up that takes up the entire image very annoying, but it works.

So I chose "modal" for the example. The template I use is '' Monterey '' and I really like it.


They would have done well if they had also integrated these types of templates into building emails!

This certainly seems to be going in the right direction, but now we come to editing this mail. How does that work?

Fortunately, you immediately see that it is the same as the rest of ConvertKit. Super clear so you immediately see what everything does and how you should work on it.

You can adjust everything to your own preference. Image, text color, size etc.


You can then choose a domain name on which to display the pop-up.

You can set success messages if successful or redirect them to another page.

You can also choose when the pop-up is displayed. Do you want this when the visitor is on the website for an X number of minutes? If the visitor has the intention to leave the page?

So you can choose multiple options and that is very good to see. My personal favorite? The exit pop-up!

Why? Pop-ups are often considered "annoying". So you can use this as a last resort to get the customer on your mailing list!

If they already intend to leave, you'd better be annoying with a pop-up, right ?!


You can also adjust some other settings to your own preference. This is not very special, but it is good that it is included.

See below which options are involved.


Landing Pages

For the landing pages, go to the same heading as with the forms above.

Click again on '' create new '' and then on '' landing page ''. Here you can again choose a template that you like.

Decide what you want to achieve with the pop-up. Do you want to give away a free e-book? Do you give a training or something like that? Think carefully about that and choose your template.

Wrong chosen? No problem, you can always change it later!

I'm going here to give away a free e-book in exchange for the e-mail address, so choose template '' Hyde ''. This seems fine to promote an e-book.


This then works exactly the same as creating forms. You can personalize everything about this.

Add an image from your e-book, add a background color or image, edit your text and the rest of the colors and you're good to go!

Again, it is kept nice, simple and clear. This works more than fine!

Here you also get a very extensive library of templates to choose from.

Very cool only I would have liked to see this in the other parts too!


ConvertKit is a fairly new software. Here you do not expect that it already entails many integrations.

This usually happens during the first months and years. And what I expected is correct. ConvertKit has the fewest integrations of any email marketing software.

However, you can integrate Zapier with ConvertKit. This opens a new door to hundreds of other integrations.


Through the collaboration with Zapier you can say that as a beginner they have an incredible amount of integrations.

However, they can improve this by adding direct integrations. This will continue to improve in the coming months!

ConvertKit also has integrations with the most used and most popular software. So this is good for most.

But if you are someone who uses unknown programs, you can sometimes encounter problems here and there.

If you subscribe to ConvertKit or want to switch to this software, I advise you to first check the integration options.

Subscribers & Analytics

The analytical data of your company is always very important if you want to get the most out of your work.

ConvertKit was not very good at this before. Nowadays they have given the systems a fresh update and it looks sleek and clear.

With a single look you immediately see all the data about the subject in question.


Under each heading you will find specific analytical data for that subject. Under 'landing pages & forms' you will find the details of this topic.

Under '' broadcast '' you will immediately see the details of the mailing you have sent.

Same with '' subscribers '' as you can see in the picture!

Another good thing about this feature is that they have kept it super clear, making it understandable for everyone.

Definitely a good job!


A/B Testing

ConvertKit has the ability to test your campaigns split.

This is also not very extensive as we know from other email marketing software.

For each part you can choose to test your campaigns split.

It seems that ConvertKit is also missing some important functions here, such as testing delivery time and automations.

If you test a lot of split for your company, ConvertKit is not the option for you. It is really aimed at beginners and convenience.

That brings me directly to the next topic.

Is It User-Friendly?

You and I can both answer the question whether it is user-friendly with a resounding '' yes ''.

ConvertKit is designed for convenience and for novice email marketers.

Because they have focused on this, you will notice that it is not very suitable for advanced email marketers.

It does miss some features, as we discussed above.

ConvertKit is really made for beginners and people who don't want to spend too much time on email marketing.

You can create email campaigns with this very quickly and easily.

For that I think it is not suitable for the professional, but very suitable for the beginner!

Who Is It For?

This is also a question that we will both answer with the same answer.

This software is especially suitable for the novice email marketer and the marketer who does not want to spend a lot of time on email marketing.

Thanks to the convenience of ConvertKit, you can set up an email marketing campaign in no time.

Because of this you will miss some features. This shouldn't be a problem if you are just starting out or have little time for email marketing.

In addition, it is a good option for entrepreneurs with little budget or who are afraid to spend money.

You can use ConvertKit for free until you go over 1,000 subscribers!

ConvertKit Pricing

As I mentioned earlier, the first thing you notice about ConvertKit is the price.

Normally, a subscription starts with about $ 15 with ConvertKit competitors such as GetResponse or AWeber.

Here, however, you can start with a free account that allows you to have up to 1,000 subscribers. If you go over these 1,000 subscribers, you will switch to a paid subscription.

Starting at $ 29 a month. The more subscribers you get, the more expensive the price becomes.

We see this with every email marketing software. $ 29 dollars a month is not the cheapest there is.

However, it takes a long time before you reach the 1,000 subscribers. And if you do, you will make so much money that this $ 29 dollar is actually not that expensive.

If you find this too much, GetResponse might be a better option.

Although you do start paying from the first subscriber here!


With a free subscription you have no access to:

  • Reporting
  • Visual automation funnels
  • Automated email sequences
  • 90+ direct integrations
  • API
  • Premium support
  • Free migration from another tool

So it may be a good idea to start with a paid subscription right away if you want to use one of the options above.

How Is The Customer Support?

The support is a part that I always attach great importance to. Especially when it comes to digital products.

I don't know about you, maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I went to find out about ConvertKit support.

As a free plan user you do not have premium support. So you cannot use the chat function.

Instead, make do with the community and articles written by ConvertKit employees.

Quite unfortunate to see, but logical in itself. You can become a member of the Facebook group "The ConvertKit Family".

Here you can ask questions that are answered by other members.

ConvertKit also has its own forum to which you can register. It is quite active and very useful.

Great to see that they use community building.

You can also create a ticket in the chat. This is an email that will be sent and answered within 24-72 hours.

I find this quite slow and that is a minus.

If you have a paid subscription you will receive premium support and your questions will usually be answered within an hour.

This is lightning fast and super cool to see! Just use the chat icon in the lower right on your screen.


How Good Is ConvertKit Really?

To see how good ConvertKit really is, authorityhacker's Lewis ran a test.

The results show that ConvertKit has the best mutual results when you compare it to its direct competitors.

They may also base the price on these results.

See below the results of the sent mailing. A bizarre high percentage gets in the inbox and relatively little in the spam.


In addition, it has the highest open rate of no less than 39%. You want to have this percentage as high as possible.

Then ConvertKit seems like the right choice. So ConvertKit really is good software!


Pros And Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Enough features to make good emailmarketing campagnes
  • Great email automation options
  • Many templates for forms and landing pages
  • 100+ integration possibilities
  • Great support
  • Fantastic software for beginners
  • Free account up to 1.000 subscribers
  • Few email templates
  • No extensive analytics
  • High price

ConvertKit Review: Verdict

I hope you found everything you were looking for in this ConvertKit review.

It is really software for the novice email marketer and for the person who wants to spend little time on this.

Because of this I miss a number of things, so it is not the software that I use permanently.

I hope you can make a good choice now. What is a big advantage is that you can just try it.

As long as you don't have 1,000+ subscribers, you have a free account. And if you are new to the online world then this will probably take a while!

This sets ConvertKit apart from its competitors. We hardly ever see this.

In addition, ConvertKit has the best performance in open rates etc.

it is absolutely worth trying at least!

If you have any questions, comments or have I forgotten something? Then leave a comment! This way I can make the strongest possible review for the next visitor.











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