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AWeber Review + Tutorial 2020: The Best E-Mail Marketing Software?!

By Tom

January 22, 2020

AWeber is an email marketing software that focuses primarily on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is therefore tailored for these users. In addition, it is at the top when it comes to email marketing.

Moreover, it is also one of the cheapest. But is this really good software? And is it worth the money at all?

You will discover this and more in this AWeber review + tutorial.

AWeber Review (VIDEO

What Is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing software. With this software, the company focuses entirely on the email marketer.

In addition, they mainly want to help starting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

AWeber has been around since the beginning of the era. 1998, the beginning of the email marketing era.

Because AWeber is so old, I wondered if it went with the time. You will also discover this in this AWeber review.

aweber review tutorial

All The Features

AWeber has all the familiar features that you expect today from an email marketing software.

So we can already state that AWeber has certainly gone with the time. We will discuss all the features that AWeber has below.

I also give an assessment for each component. Later in this AWeber review + tutorial I will also show you how you use it.

Drag-And-Drop Campaign Builder (Automated)

the automated campaign maker is a great autoresponder.

It’s not very great, but it does what it has to do.

With the simple drag-and-drop system you can easily make adjustments and set up your own series of autoresponders.

It is very well-arranged and easy to use. This is a good program, especially for beginners. If you are already an experienced email marketer then you will not find this very great.

Below you can see what it looks like.

aweber review create a campaign

In addition to creating the autoresponders, you can also send individual mailings.

You can do this for example with urgent messages or promotions. You can do this by clicking on ‘broadcast’.


You have 992 programs that you can integrate with AWeber. Good chance that your favorite program is in between.

I use LeadPages myself to create beautiful landing pages. The use of LeadPages in combination with an e-mail marketing software is worth gold.

In addition, you can also integrate other e-mail providers, WordPress and so on.

You do not see with many email marketing software that you can integrate so many programs.

So I think this is very positive about AWeber itself. Every time new programs are added that you can integrate.

They therefore constantly update the software!

aweber integrations

A/B Testing (Split Testing)

A / B testing (also known as split testing) means that the program automatically sends the better campaign to your visitors.

This increases your conversion rate and you know which campaignes do better. With AWeber you can test 3 different campaigns.

With other software this is often with only 2 campaigns. Except for GetResponse. With this software you can even test 5 different campaigns.

So this is a nice step from AWeber. Split testing only works for broadcast emails. Without these emails you cannot split test the campaigns.

To use this, go to the menu and hold the mouse on ‘message’. Then click on ‘split testing’.

aweber split testing

Once you have done this you can start creating a test. Specify the name and the target group. Then choose the percentage to which the various mailings should be sent.

aweber create a split test

When you have made this you are almost done. Now you can give a different topic to each campaign.

This way you can also test with this. Compared with other email marketing software, the AWeber’s split tester is not very extensive.

It does what it has to do and that is important. This also makes it easy and simple to use!

aweber split testing

Opt-in Form Builder

Ultimately, email marketing is all about getting people on your mailing list. If this is not possible, you cannot set up mail campaigns.

So now we are going to look at the opt-in forms that you can create at AWeber. These are forms where people must enter their name and e-mail address.

This is often done by a ‘freebie’. For example, a free e-book that you give away in exchange for the name and e-mail.

The standard form of AWeber is very ugly. So you have to be creative. You do have the option to adjust it to your own preferences.

I always recommend to use LeadPages. Check my LeadPages review here >>

These forms always convert extremely well. To create an opt-in form, go to ‘sign up forms’ in the menu. Click on this.

leadpages create a sign up form

Then click on the large green button that says ‘create a sign up form’. As you can see you get to see a very ugly form.

You can fully customize this yourself with all the tools that come with it. Do you not want this or are you unable to make it beautiful?

Then really use LeadPages.

aweber create a sign up form

Mobile Optimization

It is not often that email marketing software companies also have apps with the software.

AWeber does have this. They even have 3 apps. All apps are available for iOS and Android.

Each app has a different purpose. With Atom App you can add contacts via your phone. With AWeber stats you can see the statistics of your e-mail campaigns. And with the latest app ‘Curate‘ you can create new e-mails to send.

aweber mobile


AWeber has an assortment of molting, 700 templates that you can use. These are suitable for drafting e-mails or creating registration forms.

Certainly if you compare this with other software, sWeber stands head and shoulders above this. Not all 700 templates are equally beautiful.

There will probably be a lot of them that you don’t like. Of course you can always adjust it a little yourself or you choose one of the other 699 templates!


The statistics at AWeber are very good. You get extensive reports that bring you a lot of value.

You can view the following things in your statistics:

  • Monitor open rate
  • Monitor clicktrough
  • Monitor bounce rate
  • An overview of sign up methodes
  • The growth of lists over time
  • The history of an individual's activity
  • Where people are opening your mail

And besides these points, of course, much more. This is too much to mention and you should check it out for yourself.

I think that the statistics of AWeber can compete well with the other email marketing software at the top.

The new dashboard has also become beautiful and very well-arranged.

View what it looks like below.

aweber reports


In this AWeber review I am of course completely sincere. AWeber has good user-friendliness. It’s just a very simple program. That makes it so easy to use.

I would like to say that you do not have so many different options. Other email marketing software are often more extensive. So this is really a program for the beginners.

Advanced email marketers can better search for other software. AWeber naturally focuses entirely on starting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

So in that respect they succeed well in this. As a beginner you are really fine here.

I suggest you create a free trial account to see if it’s something for you. This is ultimately the only way to judge for yourself.

Furthermore, creating and creating mailings and autoresponders is very simple thanks to the drag-and-drop system.

But this is also reflected in other email marketing software. It is therefore no longer special.

I think it is nice to use software myself, because I can set up a new campaign within a few minutes.

In addition, I can integrate my other favorite software well. The usability of AWeber is therefore very good.

well done thank you GIF by Spotify

Customer Service

My experience with the customer service is very good.

This is one of the points that I always find very important when it comes to software that you purchase.

If you run into something you want to be able to continue as quickly as possible.

If you then have customer service that is not fast and competent, your business will stand still. You definitely don’t want this.

That is why it is always super important to find software with good customer service.

AWeber has telephone customer service that is available between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Eastern time from Monday to Friday.

In addition, they have ticket support and a live chat that is available 24/7. I’ve already used everything once.

So you also read my opinion based on experience. Sometimes you don’t even need customer service.

There is an extensive knowledge base and FAQ available. You can also find a lot here. In addition, there is also a lot to learn on the blog from AWeber itself.

They are really constantly sharing information and improving the customer journey. Enough options to choose from.

But what is the quality of customer service itself?

Dale from websiteplanet.com made a nice casestudy. He tested the customer service by phone. Within 1 minute his question got answered!

The next thing he tested was creating a ticket. His question was answered within 1 day. In addition to answering the question, she did even more.

She also helped him on his way with tips and some useful articles. So this is great service ofcourse. This is certainly in the 5-star category!


The last thing he tested was the live chat. His question was answered here again within a minute.

You can clearly see that it is not an automated message and that a real person has responded.

AWeber therefore considers customer service of paramount importance. That makes me super enthusiastic!


I have never experienced a customer service that thinks along with you.

And of course reacts so fast!


To start with AWeber you can of course use the free 30-day trial period. You have access to all features during this period.

After the trial period you can choose 5 different plans.

If you pay per quarter, you will receive a 14% discount on the total amount. If you decide to pay annually, you will receive a 15% discount.

So make sure you make use of this! After all, email marketing is not for the short term;)

The best part about AWeber is that you have direct access to all features. Even with the cheapest plan.

With other software you always see that you have to pay more money for more features.

This is not the case here. That is something that most people, and so you probably, also enjoy.

aweber pricing

AWeber Pros And Cons

  • Usability: The usability from AWeber is just magnificent. It is very easy to use so this makes AWeber an e-mail marketing software for everybody.
  • Templates: AWeber has more than 700 templates that you can use. Much more than it's competitors.
  • Customer service: Super good and fast customer service. Next to this fact the employees are very competent.
  • Pricing: Great price and you also have direct access to all features.
  • Integration: Super many integration options and this is growing day by day.
  • Outdated templates: Some of the 700 templates are a bit daded.
  • Multiple segments: You can not include or exclude multiple segments at once when sending an e-newsletter.

AWeber Review + Tutorial: Verdict

aWeber is a great e-mail marketing software. Certainly for starting entrepreneurs and small businesses, this can be a very good outcome.

In terms of price, they are no more expensive than their competitors. You do get a lot of options and already with the cheapest plan.

This makes AWeber 100% value for money. I think you’ve seen enough in this AWeber review + tutorial to make an informed choice.

I always recommend giving it a try for free, only then can you really judge.

If you are looking for a more extended software, then AWeber shouldn’t be your pick.

Instead read my GetResponse review.

Free AWeber Trial

As I have stated several times, trying software is ultimately the only way to test whether it is for you.

Get started with AWeber for free for 30 days and find out if you think it’s the right software.

If this is not the case, simply cancel the account and look for other email marketing software. I think you’ll like it!

Let Me Know What You Think About AWeber

Do you also use AWeber or have you used AWeber? Let’s talk about it! Leave a comment or question below this AWeber review.










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